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What kind of personalized products do you make?

We make quality gift and incentive items. We don't really make promotional products, that is, items intended for "give-away" (and often thrown away). These are quality products, intended for a lasting impression. They are suitable for quality gifts and resale.

How is your merchandise made?

Our products are based on two primary printing processes, both of which allow for short run (even one!) printing of full color photographs, logos, and designs:

Digital Heat Transfer: With this method, a full color image is printed on a digital color laser or inkjet printer using a special commercial transfer paper. The image is then transferred to the product (substrate) using a commercial heat press. For some products (bookmarks, buttons, magnets, keytags), the product may be laminated instead.

General Pros/Cons: Great full color and photographic reproduction, often lower in cost than dye sublimation. Allows for application to 100% or 50/50 cotton. Works well on t-shirts, but may fade slightly over time on the shirt (you can diminish this by washing inside out in cold/warm water - dry on low). The "photo" t-shirts you buy in the Mall often use this process.

Dye Sublimation: With this method, a full color image is printed on an inkjet printer using special dye sublimation cartridges. The image is then applied to the product (substrate) using a commercial heat press. The dye becomes a gas during the heating process, migrates to the substrate, changes back to a solid and becomes literally impregnated into the substrate.

General Pros/Cons: Brilliant color reproduction on fabrics, ceramics, and specially coated metals and plastics. Fabrics must be polyester based - cannot use a standard 100% cotton t-shirt. That said, there is a shirt we use that combines 100% ring-spun cotton fabric on the inside with a micro-polyester outer knit. This unique construction allows fantastic color reproduction and the quality is fabulous. Of course it costs a good bit more. This is definitely a "high-end" shirt. Best application for dye sub is mugs, mousepads, coasters, luggage tags, the shirt (and other apparel using this fabric) mentioned above, and many more items.

For many of our products we offer BOTH printing processes. As you browse through the site you will see these instances, along with an explanation of the pros and cons of each process for that specific product. You can decide for yourself which process you want, based on your needs and budget!

Do you do your own printing?

Yes we do! We are NOT a distributor, that sends your printing out to another source. You realize savings from ordering direct, and you have contact with the company that is actually going to make your product.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1994. We began very modestly with a small line of laminated bookmarks that we sold to book, card, and gift shops. Magnets, keytags soon followed. Shortly thereafter we began doing heat transfer and dye sublimation on textiles and ceramics.

Who is your clientele?

Typically our customers are companies wishing to give corporate gifts to customers and employees, gift shops, colleges, non-profit organizations, and families seeking remembrances for reunions.

Where are you located?

Asheville, North Carolina, USA. It's a great place! Come and visit!


How can I contact you?

(800) 969- 5993
P.O. Box 19284 Asheville, NC 28805 USA

Do you accept international orders?

Yes we do! When we receive you order you will be contacted regarding shipping options. Bear in mind that it can be quite costly for heavy items. We do not recommend mugs for international shipping. And we cannot take responsibility for lost orders. All international orders must be pre-paid by check or credit card - U.S. funds. You may be required to fax copies of any credit card you use as well as identification. All that said, we really do welcome your order and will work with you as best we can!

Do you you offer wholesale or 'to the trade' pricing?

All our pricing is strictly volume driven. Expect to pay 'retail' prices for items ordered in small quantities. Wholesale pricing is achieved by ordering in larger quantities.

How long does it take to get my order of personalized gifts?

Our normal processing time is generally from a few days to a week or two. This depends on several factors - first and foremost the size and complexity of the order. Second, the time of season and order load. Please check our LEAD TIME link for current information. In any case, you will be able to specify your need by date, and we will let you know if that is possible.

What is your cancellation policy?

We expect that when you place an order, you are committed to it. Your personalized product is not like something you order online that can simply be restocked if you change your mind and want to return it. Once your order is placed, we commit labor and material resources to it. Thus, if you cancel after a proof has been generated, a $35 artwork fee will be charged. If you cancel after you have approved your proof, a 50% cancellation fee will apply. Please be sure you really want your merchandise when you place your order, as we don't want to charge you cancellation fees!

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