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Perhaps you have need for your personalized product on an ongoing basis. If you own a store that you stock, you have a company that needs the same item periodically, or you are an artist selling your designs on our products, we have a great program for you!

We offer cumulative quantity discounts on reorders* placed within 6 months of the SHIP DATE of your previous order.

For example, you order 36 mugs the first time, and you reorder 36 of the same mug within 6 months. Your price on the reorder is the 72 piece price**.On the order form there is a place to indicate for us to remind you to reorder. Please take advantage of this and save money!

*Reorders must be of the same item and design, although individual personalization can change. If you have a very minor modification, we can generally do that for a nominal one-time fee.

**Reorder prices will be at the THEN CURRENT price for the total quantity

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