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  • Corel Draw (.cdr) - (this is our layout program of choice and the industry standard)
  • Adobe Photoshop - up to Version 6 eps (encapsulated PostScript)
  • tiff, or tif (our preference for graphic files, especially photos) ai (adobe illustrator) pct most other graphic file formats - please inquire!
  • Jpeg or jpg IF high quality! 300 dpi for hard surface goods a must.
  • If you use a Macintosh, please try to save the file with a "PC" image header if you can.
  • And text is welcome too!
  • We accept Microsoft Word documents, as well as any text in ascii format. This is useful if you have a large amount of text for us to set (a paragraph or more), or if you have formatting requirements that you have already set.
  • If you have a particular font requirement, upload that also, in True Type format.
  • Please send us a high quality file - 300 dpi is preferred. Products made using low resolution graphics will not make you happy! Send the image sized at least as big (or bigger) than the intended size of the output. For us, scaling down is fine, scaling up does not work as well.
  • Do NOT send files you get from a website. Aside from the fact that it may not be permissable to use, if it is not your site, it is only 72 dpi and looks TERRIBLE in print.

Anything else? Just ask!

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