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Our Graphic Proof System for your personalized gift order:

When you submit our graphic and order with all the questions on the form answered, we run it through our artwork department. There, we evaluate your graphic for print quality, set the text, make recommendations about layout, text colors, etc.

We then send you by email a graphic link to an ACTUAL PICTURE of your composed layout. It is not an actual product, but it is a graphic of the actual file that will be used to run the prints for your job. It TRULY is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).We believe this is the superior way to design your layout and show you how it will look. It gives you the option to make changes, corrections, and to evaluate any recommendations we may have made.

So if your need for quality work is important, and you can wait a few hours to a day for a human being to evaluate your graphic, we are ready to tackle your project!

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